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Where is God (on new dollar coins)?  

The story goes something like this –

I want to complain about the new Presidential Dollar coins.  I don’t think it is right that you’ve taken the Motto “In God We Trust” off of our coins.   I demand that Congress do something about it. 

Then the writer goes on to explain why the motto “In God We Trust” is important and why it should be a part of what we believe.

Who’s writing this?  Hundreds of thousands of citizens.

Who are they complaining to?  Our congress men and women.

Why?   Because they heard news reports saying that the United States  motto “In God We Trust” is missing from the Presidential Dollar coins. 

We Trust that God will be on our coinage

At first glance of the front and back of the coins you might say, “Yep. They are right.  There is no motto on these coins”.

But wait a minute, you forgot to look at the coin’s edge.  

The US motto (and year of mintage and mint mark) can be found around the rim, or edge, of each presidential dollar coin.  Those news reporters slipped up.  They evidently failed to examine the coin’s edge, or if they did, they didn’t look close enough.  (The edge lettering is tiny and a bit difficult to read, especially if you are farsighted.) 

               Old style edge lettering on Presidential dollar coins

                   Old style edge on Presidential Dollar coins

Lots of US citizens, after seeing the incorrect TV and newspaper reports, began emailing and calling their Congressmen.  They have demanded that the missing motto “In God We Trust” be reinstated on the Presidential Dollar coins. (Of course it was already there, on the coin’s edges, but not seen by them.)  

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God is being moved . . . on US 2009 Presidential coins

 Although one might say that Congress fails to act when they should, in this situation they decided to take action.  They passed a law mandating that the motto be moved to the front of the coins, where everyone can see that it.  The law requires the motto inscription “In God We Trust” be placed on the obverse of each coin and other edge lettering  (such as the year, motto “E. Pluribus Unum”, and mint mark) can remain on the rim/edge of the coins. 

2009 William Henry Harrison presidential $ will be the 1st Presidential dollar to show these design changes.  The motto “In God We Trust” will be located on the left hand side, on the front, near the bottom.  In 2009, the Sacagawea Native American $1 coins will also have these same changes in lettering and motto location. 

So, starting in 2009, God will be more noticeable in our coinage.

Let’s hope He is more noticeable in our hearts and our actions, too.

[ End ]

Update to this article.  The new 2009 presidential dollar proof sets have been released and the motto In God We Trust has been moved to the face of the coin.

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