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August 2008

2009 US Platinum Eagle coins to have Unity design

The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) has made a recommendation for the reverse design of the Proof 2009 Platinum American Eagle coins.  The CCAC’s purpose is to make coin design recommendations to the Secretary of the Treasury. 


2009 platinum eagle coin design proposal 

Picture of proposed 2009 platinum coin design

Proof versions of the Platinum eagle coins have the same design each year on the obverse, the head of the Statue of Liberty.  However, the reverse side of platinum proof coins changes from year to year. 

CCAC spokespersons unveiled a 2009 platinum eagle one ounce coin design featuring four heads on the left facing the words “A More Perfect Union”.  Each face is supposed to represent people of different racial makeup, thereby expressing racial diversity.  Surrounding the image are the words “United States of America” and “1 oz. .9999 Platinum $100”.   (.9999 platinum means the coin is comprised of 99.99% pure platinum metal.)

First sold in 1997, the American Eagle Platinum coins were first designed by Thomas D Rogers Sr.   Obverse (front) of the coins feature a close up picture of the Statue of Liberty.  The reverse of Uncirculated platinum US eagle coins features an eagle with wings spread in flight.  This eagle reverse is the reason for the name platinum “eagle” coin.

Proof versions of these coins are designed somewhat differently.  They feature the same Statue of Liberty design on the obverse.  However, each year the reverse design changes.  Often, but not always, featuring an eagle in the design. 

Uncirculated platinum bullion coins are made at the Philadelphia US mint and do not have a mint mark on the coins.  Proof Platinum eagle coins are minted at the West Point US mint.  They will have a “W” mint mark on the reverse.


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American Eagle platinum coins are made by the US mint and sell for a substantial premium over the face value of the coin and above the platinum value of the coin.  Coins are only sold to coin collectors and coin dealers during the year of mintage and not released into the banking system.  Due to the high prices of platinum, coin purchases and mintages are often low, sometimes very low.  Some coin dealer experts think Platinum US coins have great investment potential due to the scarce mintages of some dates. 

American Eagle Platinum coins are minted each year in four different denominations and sizes: 

  • One ounce Platinum – 32.7 mm in diameter - $100 face value

  • Half ounce Platinum – 27mm in diameter - $50 face value

  • Fourth ounce Platinum – 22mm in diameter - $25 face value

  • Tenth ounce Platinum – 16.5mm in diameter - $10 face value

Coin collectors and investors interested in buying coins for their collections should be prepared with both money and patience.  Money, because of the high price of platinum.  Patience, because of the low mintages.  Some years are hard to find, even some of the more common dates.   With platinum mintages in only the tens of thousands or less (not millions like many other coins) expect to look long and hard for the platinum dates that you desire.

If you’ve never seen a platinum coin, you may be surprised of the color of platinum.  It looks somewhat like nickel or stainless steel. 

Many investors like buying platinum coins that have been graded and authenticated by one of the major coin grading services, such as PCGS, NGC, or ANACS.  Buying certified coins provides peace of mind and assurance that you’ve purchases an authentic platinum coin.

Although CCAC coin recommendations are not always acted upon, history has shown that often CCAC’s Platinum Eagle coin recommendations come to pass.  Check back soon for more information about the 2009 American Platinum Eagle coins.

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