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- Where are the new 2009 Lincoln Cents?

- Presidential Dollar proof sets for 2009

- "God" is moved on 2009 coins

- High Relief gold coin

- Quarters for 2009-new designs

- Silver Dollar for the Blind

- new pennies for 2009

- 2009 Lincoln Silver Dollars

- Coin Investing, the 3rd Year secret - Featured Article

- Currency for the Blind 


US Mint Coins for 2009

~ 2009 Presidential Dollars

~ American Buffalo Gold Coins

~ 2009 Platinum Eagle coins

~ Indian Dollars for 2009

~ $10 1st Spouse gold coins


Schedule of US mint 2009 coin offerings - click here


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Coin Legislation

- Braille Silver Dollars

- Lincoln Cent changes in 2009

- Lincoln Silver Dollars

- Native American $1 Coin Act

- 2009 Territories US quarters


World Coin Mints

- Chinese PANDA Coin

- 30th Anniversary Pandas

- Australia "Year of OX" coins


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We recommend viewing the following Coin Collecting Websites for more information about 2009 coins and mints of the world.


Learn all about old United States Peace Silver Dollars at 1923silverdollar.com - this website offers a FREE Silver Dollar price guide download.


Coin Collecting Inventory SOFTWARE    Inventory, store, and keep track of your collection and it's value, just like coin dealers do.


1 oz Gold Coins and Bars - website devoted to one ounce gold bars and coins from all nations, as well as information and articles about them


SILVER EAGLE Dollar rolls - newly issued U.S. Brilliant Uncirculated silver dollar rolls in mint tubes, including 2009 American silver eagle coins.


2008 US Silver Eagle dollar coins - Information about the US mint issued silver eagle dollar coins for the year 2008 and the scarce 2008 silver eagle variety.


CoinTerms.com - This is a great website, full of free coin collecting information.  Includes a Glossary or Dictionary of coin collecting terms and abbreviations, as well as news and articles about coin collecting.


Free GOLD and SILVER Price Information - Website that shows daily spot market prices for precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium.


Coin SUPPLIES for the COIN COLLECTOR  - Coin Supplies.  Some at selling at Discount prices.


Presidential Dollars Coin Series - Everything there is to know about the United States Presidential Dollar coins, including errors and pictures.


1999 US Proof Coins and Sets - information about the first year of the US Statehood Quarters and US Mint coin sets issued that year.

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The American Eagle Coin - The American Eagle Coin - issued in 1986 in both silver and gold - find out about the history of these beautiful coins.


www.lynncoins.NET - Certified gold and silver US Coins for sale


The US Mint - The US government's official website.

US Mint Coins - Not the official government website, but a great website for articles and information about older issue US Mint coins and coin sets.


ANA - American Numismatic Association - Most popular coin organization in the USA.


Coin Collection Software - Inventory and keep track of your collection with coin inventory software.  Several types of software available for the collector and hobbiest.

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