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August 2008

New small size Buffalo Gold Coins

Released by US Mint  


It’s official – Real Gold – Real small –

Real buffalo designs

Since 2006 the US government has been selling gold buffalo coins to collectors and coin investors in the large one ounce size.  Modeled after the Buffalo Indian Head nickel made in the early 1900’s the 2009 coin design features an Indian’s head (in full headdress) on one side and a US Buffalo (Bison) on the other.

2009 American Buffalo gold coin reverse pcgs     Indian Head obverse of 2009 American Buffalo gold coin

Pictures of gold Buffalo Indian head coin 

 These 1 ounce solid gold coins have been popular with the collecting public.  However, since their introduction in 2006 an ounce of gold has skyrocketed in price.  Because the US mint changes their selling prices as gold moved up, fewer and fewer collectors feel they can afford a full 1 ounce coin.  That’s all changing. 

 Buffalo Indian-Head small size gold coins available

 The mint is now selling 2008 Buffalo-Indian Head gold coins in smaller sizes.  Collectors can choose from Tenth, fourth, half, or one ounce sizes. These fractional gold coins will make it possible for coin collectors and the investing public to buy gold in small increments.  Now a person may be able to add a small size gold buffalo coin to their collections.

 Two Types of Gold Buffalos issued in 2008

 As with many versions of coins bought directly from the government, the US mint began selling proof and uncirculated 2008 Buffalo coins.  If you buy the Proof version, you will receive a special coin with a mirror-like surface.  The uncirculated Buffalo gold coins are also called “bullion” versions, as they will not cost as much as the proof coins.  They will have a matte uncirculated surface, which kind of has a slight wavy field or background. Both types of coins, proofs as well as the bullion uncirculated coins, will be minted in four different sizes. The same sizes and options are planned for the 2009 gold buffalo US coins

 2009 Buffalo gold coin purchase options:

Gold Content

 Buffalo coin Face Value (denomination)

one ounce

$50 Face Value

half ounce

$25 Face Value

fourth ounce

$10 Face Value

tenth ounce

$5 Face Value

What can you buy the 2009 Buffalo Gold Coins for?

Collectors and investor are always interested in a coin’s price.  “What will they cost me?”  “How much will I have to pay to buy one?”

  As with most US mint coins sold, the date is no longer produced once the year is over, so as for future coin prices who knows.

 However, during 2009 the US mint says (as usual) that they will sell the Buffalo fractional coins at a price premium above the gold content, with the proof versions costing substantially more.  (Experienced collectors already know, the US government mint is in the business to make money, not just literally, but at a profit to the mint.) Proof coins and sets always sell at higher prices due to the extra care and mintage costs necessary to make proof coins.

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 Can I afford a gold coin?

 Expectations are that during 2009, and including the US mint's expected profit, a beautiful proof or uncirculated TENTH ounce bullion gold buffalo coin should sell for a buy price of under $200, and the fourth ounce buffalo $10 gold coin should sell at a little over $300 per coin.

 Buffalo Coin Packaging

 The US mint says all the buffalo gold coins issued in 2008 are housed in a beautiful wooden box, along with a COA (certificate of authenticity).  Coins are sold in 4 coin sets and also individually. If you are wanting to buy all four buffalo sizes, the set sells for slightly less than the four individual coins if bought separately.

 Buffalo Gold Coin Mint Marks for 2009

Proof buffalo gold coins are to have the West Point Mint mark – a W on them.  The US mint has not hinted about other mint mark varieties for the 2009 gold buffalo coins.


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