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Where are the new 2009 Lincoln Cents?

April 2009

In January the United States Mint released the first of the new 2009 Lincoln cent designs.  It is now 3 months later (in April) and it is time for the mint to release the second of the four new designs for 2009.  (See related article.)   

Everyone is asking, "Where are all the new pennies?"  "I haven't seen any!"


We did a quick survey of  all of our local banks.  Every teller said they "haven't seen any".


Questions to the US mint go unanswered.... at least officially.  Unofficially, they give a vague response such as "the Federal Reserve banks have them".  Additional comments sometimes say things like, the demand for coins is down due to the economic problems, so the Federal Reserve banks are shipping out very little in the way of coins to the banks. 


Since most of us haven't seen any in circulation here's a summary of what they will look like, whenever they do appear:

Themes for the reverse of the new pennies will change every three months in 2009.  The coins are released in the following order.

Lincoln's Birth - Kentucky
1st new 2009 Lincoln Cent
Lincoln's Formative Years - Indiana
2nd Lincoln Cent design
Lincoln's Professional Life - Illinois
3rd Lincoln Cent for 2009 picture
Lincoln as President - Washington, DC (1861-1865)
Picture of final 2009 Lincoln Penny
















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See related Lincoln Penny article.)


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