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Special Mintage

"30th Anniversary" 2009 PANDA BEAR 1 ounce Silver Chinese Coins 


2009 is the 30th year since the beginning of the commemorative coin program by the Chinese government (The Peoples Republic of China).  To celebrate this special year the government of China has minted "30th Anniversary Chinese Panda coin".


 According to press releases this commemorative Panda coin will be available in a limited quantity only during part of 2009.

2009 30th anniversary Panda Bear coin

                 Photo of 30th Anniversary 2009 silver panda coin


These silver panda coins are minted in proof-like condition and come from the Chinese government mint uncirculated sealed in a hard plastic round holder.  Like the regular 2009 silver panda coins, the design Features two young Chinese Panda bears playing and eating bamboo and has a face value of 10 Yuan.

However, the major difference between the regular 2009 panda and this thirtieth Anniversary coin is that the anniversary coin has near the front edge that says:
"30th Anniversary of the Issuance of the Chinese Modern Precious Metal Commemorative Coins"

Panda coins come packaged in a hard plastic clear round holders.


Obverse silver panda coin design features the Temple of Heaven in Beijing China, the title in Chinese of the PRC (Peoples Republic of China), and the year of issuance.


The Silver one troy ounce Panda Bear coins are about 40mm in diameter.

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 According to the China Mint the Mintage and availability of this special panda coin is very limited and will only be available for a short time during 2009.


2009 Thirtieth Anniversary Panda coin

Click here to buy the two varieties of Silver 2009 Panda coins.


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